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Upholstery Accessories Upholstery Accessories

Products: Upholstery Accessories

Dura-Heal Self Healing Mat

Professional quality for all kinds of graphic arts, hobby, craft, shop and industrial applications, these self-healing and reversible cutting mats are 3mm thick and extra durable. Made from a unique composite vinyl material, designed for both rotary ...


Elastic (Flat) Knit & Braided

Works well with spring snap to keep cushions in place.

Braided is sold in 144 yards.
Knit is sold in 100 yards.


Osborne Upholstery Starter Kit

This kit is great for people just starting out as well as people who have been doing this for years. The kit includes a great selection of tools including: a webbing stretcher, tack hammer, tack claw, 10" straight single round point needle, 3" curved ...


Panel Board - Waterproof

Use these for a variety of applications including: door panels in cars, rear hat trays in cars, on the outside of furniture and the inside of furniture arms. A Pressed, treated Kraft paper, with an invisible polyethylene sheet barrier. Meets Ford, Ch ...


Plastic Furniture Covers

Clear, 1 Mil thick. Protects furniture during delivery and handling. Clear. Sold by the 100 piece roll only unless otherwise noted. ...


Professional Upholstery Kit

This is a hand selected upholstery kit that was picked by an upholstery instructor with over 20 years of experience. The kit includes 10" Clauss Brand shears, Osborne upholstery #33 magnetic hammer, Osborne staple lifter #120.5, gooseneck webbing str ...


Spring Snaps

Stainless Steel: Used for boating with 1" webbing and


Stretch Wrap

We carry 2 different sized rolls of stretch wrap. One is 5" x 1000' and the other is 18" x 1500'. Use this for anything from shipping to hold something together. This wrap doesn't leave any residue and doesn't need any adhesive or tape because it sti ...


White China Markers

China Markers are used to draw on smooth surface such as glass, plastics, vinyl, upholstery and acetates. These Used by upholsterers, students, artists, craftsmen and designers. You never have to sharpen these with the easy peel off wrapper that alwa ...


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